Monday, April 16, 2012

A Sketch Intro to "Saver Cat" by Heidi K. Wang

A Brief Introduction to Heidi's main Heroine Character, "Saver Cat":

Heidi's drawing of Pinkalina AKA Saver Cat when she was little, drawn at age 7.

Heidi sketching outside. (June 2011, age 7)
Heidi is always sketching, every day.

"Saver Cat"
April 2012 by Heidi K. Wang
Age 8

Young Artist: Heidi K. Wang

Heidi is an 8 year old young artist. She was born in Boston Massachusetts (USA).

She decided this year to make her own cartoon/comic of her story based on her original characters.

I asked her some questions about herself, and here's what she had to say:

Q: Heidi, how old were you when you first created Saver Cat?

Heidi: Um... When I was 6.

Q: Why did you make this character?

Because I really liked super heroes, so I just decided to make one. And, I also love animals.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say about it?

Heidi: Uuummmm.... Yes... There's also other characters in it.... including Saver Ferret, Saver Bunny, and Saver Dog. -and lots more!


Questions about Heidi:

Q. What is your favorite color?

A. Pink

Q. What are your favorite foods?

A. Bagels and fruits. Also pizzeria pizza.

Q. What is your favorite animal?

A. Cats

Q. What kinds of TV shows do you like to watch?

A. My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic (via YouTube since we don't have pay TV), PBS Kids TV shows, Saturday morning cartoons, QUBO TV shows, shows about science.

Q. What are your favorite PBS Kids TV shows?

A. Word Girl, Curious George, Electric Company.

Q. What do you like to draw?

A. Saver Cat, hearts, animals, cartoons, and My Little Pony.

Heidi K Wang's 2011 Pink Dimetrodon Project

Heidi K Wang's 2011 School Project.
The assignment was to make a dinosaur diorama. Other prehistoric animals were also on the list including other reptiles, so she chose Dimetrodon which wasn't on the list, but was still acceptable, and to be entirely original.

Instead of making a paper cut-out dinosaur she modeled hers out of clay, and shellacked it with pearly finish & glitter.

The background of the scenery is hand made of paper-mâché and hand painted.

For a dramatic showing, the project was wrapped in paper, and revealed in front of the class after everyone else's.